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The Fast Track – A Railroad Bridge Replacement Project in Stonington, Conn.

In Stonington, Connecticut, two Amtrak railroad bridges were due for replacement. The bridges, which were both more than 100 years old, are a critical link facilitating heavy commuter traffic between New York and Boston. With more than 200 trains traveling the Northeast Corridor every week, making up nearly half of Amtrak’s nationwide ridership, it was critical to minimize any traffic disruptions. Watch the video, "The Fast Track: Rolling-In A Lasting Impression,” which profiles the accelerated bridge replacement project. 

Further, after discussions with local stakeholders, it was determined that the original bridge clearance was not great enough to facilitate the free flow of vessels to and from nearby marinas. Modjeski and Masters created the designs, which provided an additional two feet of clearance and laid the groundwork for a quick transition. Working closely with Amtrak and Cianbro, the bridge contractor, the teams rolled-in the new bridges over the course of a single weekend.


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