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Texas selects developer for beltway expansion in Houston

HOUSTON — The Texas Transportation Commission approved the Texas Department of Transportation’s selection of a developer for the expansion of SH 99, or Grand Parkway. Zachry-Odebrecht Parkway Builders will design, develop and construct the next phase of the 184-mile outer beltway traversing the seven-county Houston metropolitan area laying the groundwork for Texans to have yet another option for traveling around the city.

TxDOT received authority from the 82nd Texas Legislature under Senate Bill 1420 to develop specific projects, including the Grand Parkway, through public private partnerships. Although these partnerships allow the department to contract with the private sector for the design and construction and possibly, operation and maintenance of a project, the state retains ownership of the project at all times.

"This is a major advancement, increasing mobility for motorists in the Greater Houston metropolitan area," said Jeff Moseley, Texas Transportation Commissioner. "The innovative financial approach used here will make this project a reality much sooner, and that’s great news for Houston motorists."

Zachry-Odebrecht Parkway Builders will develop approximately 37 miles of new toll road for segments F1, F2 and G of Grand Parkway in Harris and Montgomery counties; the development contract is estimated to cost $1.04 billion. Once completed, Grand Parkway will provide a third loop for motorists to travel around the Houston metropolitan area, in addition to I 610 and the Sam Houston Tollway.

Grand Parkway project officials expect to break ground in early 2013, with a projected opening in 2015.


Article Comments
  • James Vance wrote on October 9, 2012, 17:30:

    Development-stimulus boondoggle, pure and simple, something upon which Houston has a long legacy. Just what the political insiders who hold land near the alignment bought and paid for through their campaign contributions to re-elect the Governor who made the right appointments to the Commission.

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