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Modjeski and Masters receives Be Inspired Award for Huey P. Long Bridge Project

NEW ORLEANS — Modjeski and Masters was awarded a 2012 Be Inspired Award for Innovation in Bridges from Bentley Systems Inc. Modjeski and Masters received the award for the Huey P. Long Bridge widening project in New Orleans.

“The Huey P. Long Bridge widening project is an important project for our team because of its historical significance, and we are honored to receive this global recognition as we approach the final stages of the bridge widening,” said Bruce Peterson, P.E., project manager for Huey P. Long and senior associate, Modjeski and Masters. “Modjeski and Masters has been involved with the Huey P. Long Bridge since the beginning when Ralph Modjeski designed it in the 1930s. An expansion of this size is unprecedented in the industry, and we are proud of our team for their commitment to delivering innovative solutions that have made possible what is now one of the largest bridge construction projects in the state of Louisiana.”

The Be Inspired Innovation in Bridges award recognizes projects that demonstrate how advanced technology can enhance problem solving at every stage of the project delivery process, from planning, design and engineering to construction simulation and analysis. The $1.2 billion Huey P. Long Bridge widening project expands the combined rail and highway bridge from two 9-foot highway travel lanes to three 11-foot travel lanes in each direction, with 8-foot outside and 2-foot inside shoulders. The project utilized Bentley’s LEAP CONSPAN to design Type III, IV and BT prestressed girders used in the approaches to the main bridge.

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