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IDOT lets ABC project

AMES, IOWA — The Iowa Department of Transportation let its latest Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) project. The project includes replacing the existing 40-foot by 30-foot structure that was constructed in 1930 and is currently classified as structurally deficient with a new single-span 120-foot by 44-foot bridge in nine days or less. The proposed bridge replacement is intended to increase the structural capacity of the bridge, improve roadway conditions, and enhance safety by providing a wider roadway.

Multiple prefabricated bridge element and system (PBES) technologies will be used to meet the ABC objective, which includes sliding the new structure laterally onto prefabricated abutments and wing walls that use the corrugated pile void detail.


For additional information, visit the project website at, which includes  bid proposal, contract plans, special provisions, and detour route information.

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