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Dewberry awarded final design of $12 million Harrison Avenue Bridge in Scranton, Pa.

 FAIRFAX, VA. — Dewberry was selected to provide final design for the $12 million replacement of the historic three-span concrete arch Harrison Avenue Bridge in Scranton, Pa. In addition to the main span crossing of Roaring Brook, the structure also spans the Central Scranton Expressway (SR 3022) and the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad.


Since 2007, Dewberry has collaborated with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to determine the best solution for the aging structure. Over the span's 90-year history, a number of factors have led to severe structural deterioration. Extensive corrosion on steel reinforcing bars in the concrete, due to leakage of roadway drainage and de-icing salts, has expanded the bars and resulted in concrete breaking away and falling from the bridge. More than 15,000 vehicles and a significant volume of pedestrian traffic use the Harrison Avenue Bridge each day. This arterial transportation route provides a vital link between neighborhoods, schools, businesses, hospitals, and other services on both sides of the Roaring Brook gorge. The bridge is also used extensively by ambulances and other emergency service providers.

Dewberry performed an in-depth field inspection resulting in a condition survey report, developed rigorous structural ratings, and authored rehabilitation versus replacement studies. In the spring of 2012, PennDOT selected replacement, and the Federal Highway Administration executed a Memorandum of Agreement with the State Historic Preservation Office regarding the removal of the historic bridge. An interpretive panel, focusing on the history of bridge, will be installed in Duffy Park with the original bridge plaque incorporated into the design. Context-sensitive design elements, such as period-style lighting, pillars at the piers, and architectural surface treatment on the bridge barriers are being incorporated into the Harrison Avenue Bridge project. The project includes extensive public outreach and this contract will allow Dewberry to progress the design with the community’s needs in mind.

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