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DDOT launches multimodal planning effort

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) launched moveDC, a collaborative planning effort to develop a Multimodal Long Range Transportation Plan for the District of Columbia. moveDC will create an implementation-focused transportation plan for the District by bringing together transit, rail, vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian and freight recommendations to create a seamless District-wide transportation system. The plan will guide investments in the District’s transportation system for the current and next generation of residents, workers, and visitors.

DDOT understands that the transportation system needs to adapt to accommodate people’s changing needs and the District’s long-term goals. The plan will create additional opportunities for people to have reliable and convenient transportation choices by identifying transportation priorities as the District grows and evolves. Recognizing that transportation funding will continue to be a challenge, moveDC will identify ways to efficiently develop, operate and maintain the District’s transportation system while improving environmental quality — social and natural — to help advance the District’s sustainability initiatives.

“One of the central goals of my One City Action Plan is to improve the quality of life for all District residents, and that includes their ability to get around our wonderful city,” said Mayor Vincent C. Gray. “We are committed to investing in our transportation future to create a more livable and sustainable community. It’s time to get D.C. moving!”

The District has grown by over 25,000 residents in the last few years, and now has a population larger than two states. The daytime population of D.C. swells each day to more than 1.2 million people. Given the considerable growth and continued strong economy of the District, DDOT is vested in ensuring that the transportation system remains efficient in moving people and goods. DDOT is committed to creating a safe, integrated system of transportation choices.

"It is essential that people representing the entirety of interests and experiences in the District participate in this process. Young, old, lifetime or new resident, worker or visitor, we need everyone to get involved. moveDC will shape transportation in the District now and into the future," said Terry Bellamy, DDOT’s Director.

As a part of the planning process, DDOT will initiate a wide-reaching dialogue with residents, workers, and visitors. Through the course of the next year there will be numerous opportunities for people to participate in-person in the planning process — first, at the moveDC Idea Exchange on Saturday, February 9 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library and then at public workshops and working group meetings. In addition, the plan’s website,, will host project information, surveys, and interactive content throughout the planning process.

MoveDC is expected to be completed by early 2014.

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