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CH2M HILL/Jacobs team receives Sound Transit contract

DENVER — CH2M HILL, a global full-service consulting, design, construction, and operations firm, announced that its joint venture with Jacobs Engineering received a contract from Sound Transit of Seattle, Wash. for the Northgate Link Extension Project. The 7-year construction management contract has a value of $75.5 million.

The CH2M HILL/Jacobs team is currently working together on Sound Transit’s University Link (U-Link) Project, a light rail extension connecting downtown Seattle and the University of Washington to the north. The Northgate Link Project will extend the line 4.2 miles farther north from the University to the urban village of Northgate, and includes two 3.6-mile twin bored tunnels, two underground stations, and an arterial guideway with a light rail station. This expansion greatly increases transit capacity to the highest ridership corridor in the region.

In making the announcement, CH2M HILL’s Transit & Rail Operations Director, Jay McRae stated, “Tunnel construction of underground light rail systems in urban environments are of the most demanding and technically challenging forms of civil infrastructure today. CH2M HILL has a long history of successful projects with Sound Transit, and much of the reason for our selection on the Northgate Program is the resounding success, by all parties, on the ongoing U-Link Program."

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